Dear Iaido Bu members,

I would like to officially warmly welcome you once again to the upcoming Iaido IT/STS session that has
been organised.

This is a great opportunity for any Bu member to improve and advance their Iai, and would like to be part
of the 2023 Iaido squad. It would help me and the selection panel to know of your level and potential so
we can create a list. Also we have some up and coming lower grade members coming through, so Dojo
leaders it would be great if you can encourage them to attend and experience the added pressure these
sessions can give, they will surely benefit from it.

Training will be led by Martin Clark Renshi Rokudan, Iaido squad coach.

I must formulate applications for this year’s squad so please you can now contact me at my e-mail address in the attached flyer if you wish to attend and be considered for squad.

Attendance is not a guarantee of a place on the Final team, but it will contribute to your genuine interest in being part of the overall squad and pushing the Iaido Bu forward.

The code of conduct is located on the BKA website on the following link. (This shows how we conduct
ourselves professionally, and is useful to read).

I hope that you can attend and look forward to seeing you.

Kindest regards,
Colin Porter
Iaido Squad Manager