British Kendo Association Kendo Grading Policy

This policy is intended to make sure everyone is aware of what they have to do to grade in Kendo.

  1. All applications for the grading are to be made via the on-line booking system. There will be no circumstances where people can turn up on the day and expect to grade if they have not previously booked. If anyone has problems accessing the system please consult your Dojo leader.
  2. All applications will be in three weeks before the grading, no applications will be accepted after that date.
  3. Everyone attending the grading will required to have completed the questions which can be found on the BKA website. The questions are grade appropriate.
  4. The answer sheet should have the applicants name and BKA number printed on the top and be handed into the grading officer on the day of the grading.
  5. Please ensure the questions are current as the questions do change. The questions will not be changed within a month of a pending grading.
  6. If there are not more than three candidates of the same grade that grading will be unable to take place. (eg If there are only 1 or 2 candidates going for Yondan the grading will have to be cancelled.) The grading officer will inform candidates before the grading if the grading is cancelled through lack of numbers. However, if a candidate does not turn up on the day and that would mean less than three people grading the grading would be cancelled on the day.
  7. Any candidate taking their shodan grading must complete the New Shodan Registration form which can be found on the BKA website. This must be emailed to the grading officer before the grading.
  8. Can all candidates be aware that when they pass their grading there is a registration/menjo fee which needs to be paid. Until it is paid no grading can be registered on the BKA database or the EKF database. The cost of registering your grade can be found under Grading Requirements.
  9. Candidates under 18 must read and comply with the Grading Policy for Junior Kendoka which is also found on the BKA website grading-policy-for-under-18-v10-080115

Eligibility to Grade

The required gap between grades is only measured when your membership is active. So a lapse in membership may result in your grading clock being reset

Examination Criteria
Kendo grading requirements follow the EKF guidelines and are summarised in the table below

Grading Requirements

Examiners Qualifications


Grading Fees

Grading Fees