As befitting our national status, the iaido squad training is not held at a single location,
but instead varies countrywide, depending upon dates and suitable available dojo.

Iaido Squad Training Infomation for 2018

BKA 2018 Iaido Squad General Info & Policy V2
British Kendo Association Criteria for Iaido Squad Selection 2018

Iaido Squad Training Dates

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Iaido Squad News

October Newsletter 2018 (DOCX) (PDF)

August Newsletter 2018 (DOCX)
June Newsletter 2018 (DOCX)
March Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
February Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
February Newsletter 2018 (DOCX)
January Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
January Newsletter 2018 (DOCX)

Iaido/Jodo Squad Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Iaido/Jodo Squad (PDF)

  • Iaido and Jodo Taikai Management Guide – A Guide for the Management of Iaido and Jodo Taikai
  • Dress for Iai Taikai