Grading questions for Kendo
Answer both questions for your grade. Minimum 50 words maximum 200 words

Why is it important to warm up before doing Kendo?
What checks would you make to maintain your shinai?

Explain ki-ken-tai-ichi.
What were your reasons for doing Kendo instead of another Martial Art?

How would you explain Kendo to a person who was interested in starting kendo?
Discuss the elements of Yuko-datotsu

What do you consider makes a good sempai?
In Kakarigeiko what is the role of Motodachi?

Discuss Mitsu No Sen?
Explain how you would you teach Ichi-gan-Ni-soku-Sani- tan Shi-riki to a class of intermediate Kendoka?

You have practiced now for ten years or more, please explain what you feel will motivate you for the next ten years of practice?
Explain your main aims and goals when you are teaching Kendo no kata to a mixed ability class?