Kendo Senior Grades

There are currently fourteen Seventh Dan Kendoka who are members of the BKA. They are:

  • John Howell 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Jock Hopson 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Mike Davis 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Jeff Humm 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Gary O’Donnell 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Yasuyuki Hiyama 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Kazuyo Matsuda 7th Dan Renshi
  • Kazue Daigo 7th Dan Renshi
  • Stuart Gibson 7th Dan Renshi
  • Malcolm Goodwin 7th Dan Renshi
  • Ryosuke Kato 7th Dan Renshi
  • Jon Fitzgerald 7th Dan Renshi
  • Emiko Yoshikawa 7th Dan Renshi
  • Masatoshi Kurokawa 7th Dan Renshi

Kendo Bu Management Team

Kendo Bucho (Head of Bu/Faculty): Gary O’Donnell
Email: kendobucho
Practices at: Do Shin Ken Yu Kai – West Yorkshire
Art and Grade: Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Iaido 2nd Dan, Jodo 3rd Dan

Kendo Grading Officer: Young Park
Email: kendograding
Practices at: London Kenyukai
Art and Grade: Kendo Renshi 6th Dan

Kendo Events Officer: Ben Emberley
Email: kendoevents
Practices at: Mumeishi, London Kenyukai
Art and Grade: Kendo 5th Dan, Iaido 5th Dan, Jodo 3rd Dan

Kendo Cashier: Malcolm Smalley
Email: kendocashier
Practices at: Portsmouth Kendo Club
Art and Grade: Kendo 3rd Dan

National Kendo Coach: Andrew Fisher
Email: coach
Practices at: Preston Kenshinkan
Art and Grade: Kendo Renshi 6th Dan

Kendo Squad Manager: Barry Straughan
Email: kendosquadmanager
Practices at: Kadode Dojo, Newcastle
Art and Grade: Kendo 6th Dan

Kendo Dojo Representatives Committee Chair: Alex Ansell
Email: kendodrc
Practices at: Shinseido Dojo, Crawley
Art and Grade: Kendo 5th Dan