BKA Management Documents (NC, AGM etc)

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Resources For Clubs and Dojo Leaders

Insurance Documents (Updated as of 18/02/2020)

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Health & Safety

Safety Policy & Guides:
Health & Safety Information – Document providing guidance to BKA clubs on Health and Safety

Accident Reporting Form:

Generic Risk Assessment:

DCMS Risk Assessments & Action Plans:

Child Protection



Equality and Diversity

Coach Training Programme


Club Registration


BKA Documents for Individuals

Expenses Forms

Resources For Individuals

Materials, Guides and Policies for Individual Members and Clubs


  • You can join, upgrade and renew online here.
  • Membership Fees – Information about types of membership, costs and how to join.

Kendo Competition (Taikai) Rules and Regulations

Kendo Guides and Manuals

  • Kendo Beginner’s Guide – a new and practical introduction for kendoka of all levels, by Terry Holt sensei (2nd edition updated July 2014)
  • Referee Book – A guide to the role of kendo referee (Shinpan) by Terry Holt Sensei.  (Second edition revised and updated January 2010).
  • Kendo Equipment Manual – A guide to the using and maintaining kendo equipment, clothing and armour.  Available in English, French and German (see links at the bottom right of the page for self-extracting zip file).
  • The Kendo Reader – A highly regarded work on kendo practice by Noma Hisashi, written in the 1930’s, but still relevant and fascinating today.

Iai & Jodo Taikai


  • Hagakure – (meaning In the shadow the Leaves or Hidden Leaves), is a practical and spiritual guide for a warrior, drawn from a collection of commentaries by the samurai, Yamamoto Tsunetomo.
  • The Unfettered Mind – is a three-part treatise on Buddhist philosophy and martial arts written by Takuan Soho, a Japanese monk of the Rinzai sect. The title translates roughly to The Mysterious Records of Immovable Wisdom.