In ‘Step 4’ of the governments roadmap, the ‘Steps’ regulations in England have been repealed and the DCMS Combat/ Contact framework appears to have been superseded by general advice on participating in sports.

The advice is essentially to follow the national governing body’s Return to practice advice.

The level of risk of transmission of Covid presently remains high. Therefore the core return to practice advice (RTP) from the Bu recommending Covid mitigation measures, is unlikely to change.

For England the RTPs already set out advice at each of the 4 ‘Phases’ which were covered by the DCMS scheme. For Scotland these were written to be read in the context of the Levels system.

The current position is therefore that dojo should continue to maintain a formal covid risk assessment taking account of their membership, venue and local conditions.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment dojo are then able to follow the RTP advice for whichever phase or level is most compatible with the assessed degree of risk.

The Bu RTP can be found on the links at the end of this post.

There are explanatory notes concerning the changes and what factors other than Covid legislation are likely to be relevant to dojo, in the members documents area (‘Step 4 England’, Scotland Beyond level 0, Wales level 0)

RTP Protocol for Northern Ireland can also be found in the Members Documents Area, as can a table of what you can and can’t currently do sports-wise in all 4 home nations.