Dear members,

The Iaidobu would like to invite you to the Scottish IT session to be held at Queen Margaret University near Edinburgh.

As with previous years, sessions are intended for any bu members to be able to along and improve
their Iaido. They can be especially helpful if you have a grading on the horizon and want to put
yourself under a bit of pressure. For anyone aspiring to be a part of the UK squad these sessions are
an essential part of the selection process as it gives the selection panel a good idea of your current
level and your potential.

Also, if there is anyone of a lower grade in your dojo who you think may be interested in being on
the UK squad (or if you feel they will benefit from the added pressure of attending these sessions)
please encourage them to come along and get the extra practice in.

The sessions will be mainly focused on Shiai practice, with a section focused on floor managing. This
should be especially useful for those planning to attend the Iaido nationals the following week.

Full details can be found in the flyer below:
Scotland Intensive Training – May 2022 (PDF)