Cancellation of EIC in Belgrade

The EKF has recently announced the cancellation of the European Iaido Championships in Belgrade, Serbia due to restrictions surrounding Covid […]

Update on EIC about gradings

The EKF has recently updated its exam database to show there will be NO 6th & 7th Dan Iaido examinations […]

2021 AGM is announced

As this year’s AGM is to held virtually, members will need to login to be able to “attend”. There are […]

EIC 2021 Iaido Gradings

The EKF has announced that there will be Iaido gradings at the forthcoming EIC in Belgrade, Serbia. 1st to 3rd […]

19th All Japan Kendo 8-dan Tournament

The 19th All Japan Kendo 8-dan Tournament to be held on Sunday, April 18. All matches will be live-streamed […]

AJKF 2021 Calendar

The latest edition of the AJKF calendar (17/3/2021) for competitions & taikai and shogo & dan examinations is available for download here as a pdf.

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