Iaido European Team Selection

Dear Members Firstly I would like to thank all those who have attended the years IT sessions, National championships and […]

Jodo Seitei High Grade Seminar

Dear Jodoka, Please find attached the details for the Seitei High Grade Seminar, this year held in Saint Barnabas Dalston […]

Jodo Northern Koryu Seminar

Dear Jodoka, We warmly invite you to the Northern Jodo Koryu Seminar which will be held on the 8th June […]

Jodo Nationals 2019 Report

Dear all, Please find available below is the Jodo Nationals report by Harry Jones, Squad Coach. Jodo National Championships 2019 […]

Iaido and Jodo Nationals 2019

Dear Members, You are warmly invited to the BKA Iaido and Jodo National Championships 2019, this year held on the […]