We would like to invite you to the BKA Scottish Iaido Seminar & Grading 2016, to be held in Glasgow on the 14th and 15th of May.

Previous years’ events have been highly successful and it is hoped that this year will see further growth and thus even further development of Iaido in Scotland.

Gradings will be held on Sunday 15th May 2016 up to, and including, 3rd Dan.
(Applications and papers to be submitted to the Grading Officer Phil Henderson no later than the 4th of May).

Full details available via the links below:

Scottish Iaido Seminar & Grading (DOCX)
Scottish Iaido Seminar & Grading (PDF)

Booking is now available online.
NOTE: When you book online make sure it is the Iaido event.
The event currently at the top of the online booking list is named “2016 Glasgow Seminar & Grading “, this is a -Kendo- event (in the case of the corresponding Bu pictures not loading).
The Iaido Event is called “Scottish Iaido Seminar and Grading 2016” and is further down the booking list at the time this post is being made.
Please exercise caution in booking.