AGM 8th October 2022

Please consider putting yourself forward for any of these posts which are due for election this year

Submit your application form with details of proposer and seconder using either
Nomination-form.pdf or Nomination-form.docx 
together with your statement supporting your suitability for the post (max 1 side of A4)

All applications MUST be sent to secretary by 24th August 2022

All members

  • Disciplinary Sub Committee Coordinator
  • Publicity officer – this not an elected post, the NC co-opts a suitable candidate

Kendo Bu

  • Kendo events officer
  • Disciplinary Sub Committee kendo panel members – 4 positions

Iaido Bu

  • Iaido bucho
  • Disciplinary Sub Committee iaido panel members – 4 positions

Jodo Bu

  • Jodo bucho
  • Jodo events
  • Disciplinary Sub Committee jodo panel members – 4 positions

Dojo Representatives Committees

  • Kendo DRC Chair
  • Iaido DRC Chair
  • Jodo DRC Chair

DRC chairs are dojo reps and they are voted for by their respective bu dojo reps