Junior Development Initiative

The kendo bu are pleased to announce the appointment of Malcolm Goodwin to the role of junior development officer. The structure and support team has yet to be confirmed but listed below are some of the ideas put forward to help develop not only under 18 kendoka but to develop college and university kenshi. Suggestions are invited to help kick start this campaign.

An advisory group will be set up to support coaches and dojo leaders specifically with juniors. Malcolm will be the liaison contact, malcolmgoodwin@blueyonder.co.uk Provisions will be put into place to ensure a safe, secure and scheduled training environment but with an extreme amount of fun. Four regional sensei will host bi-monthly practice sessions free of charge to attendees.The regions are separated into, Scotland, North England, Midlands and South/South West. Lunch/refreshments will be provided for juniors and parents.

Key initiatives are;

  • Regional championships and a dedicated national junior taikai will be held.
  • Increase dialogue and support to colleges/universities, providing coaches/training where needed.
  • Implement incentives to help all students continue training whilst maintaining education standards.
  • Funding may be available for equipment, taikai travel, medals etc.
  • Improve local and national press releases, pre and post taikai.
  • Increase support for existing BKA event.
Projects take time to develop and we hope to continually improve, please be patient whilst this scheme gets under way. Suggestions are invited to help kick start this campaign.