Dear Jodobu members,

We have held the 2018 BKA Jodo Nationals last weekend in Birmingham.
You can read Ally’s report here:
Jodo Squad Manager Report – Nationals 2018 (DOCX)

I have incomplete records of past medallists and would like to compile an archive of the winnings. I need your help! I hope you will not mind to take a few minutes and look in your draws for these medals you may have won in the past (pre 2016). I have set up a questionnaire which you can find here:

Last but not least we will be making the Mudan and Shodan selection at the Jinmukan/Kenmukan anniversary seminar.

We would like to encourage all Mudan and Shodan to come and get a chance to be picked up for the Squad which will be competing in September in Budapest.

Best regards,