The BKA are delighted to add this event to the Kendo calendar and invite you to attend.


This is a great chance to train with, not only one Hachidan Hanshi, but three Hachidan Hanshi over 5 days. The event will be supported by other high ranking British & European Sensei.

Accommodation is available on campus (NB: The University can only accept a block bookings. Therefore we need to manage the requests. Please get in touch with BKA Events Officer with your request) whilst there are other options available, close by, such as B & B’s and hotels.

There will be a grading from Shodan to Godan attached to the Seminar.
The BKA are also proud to offer one day through the seminar, for juniors, at no cost.
NB: The booking system does not accept a Zero charge and as a result we have added a £1.00 fee, which will be refunded upon your attendance.

Any questions regarding the event, please contact the Kendo Events Officer

Please visit the BKA Facebook page, or continue to look for updates on the BKA site.