Please find attached the report for the Jodo Kangeiko 2017.

The jodo bu’s calendar for 2017 kicked off as usual with the Kangeiko, hosted by Kenmukan dojo in Wolverton. Many thanks to Alain and his team in helping with the organisation. As ever, they treated us to a delicious range of curries. These were supplemented by an assortment of indulgent cakes
brought along by the participants, many of them homemade.

The training was overseen by Jock Hopson sensei. He was assisted by two 6 dan, Harry Jones and the newly graded me (Stojanka Vidinic!). It was great to see the return of Xandy Sahla, alongside a brand new student from his dojo Musokan. It was enormously encouraging to see so many new faces at the event. The hall was filled to comfortable capacity with 35 people, ranging in grade from just started to 6 Dan. We were all able to train the whole time, and we made the most of it.

In the morning session, we ran through the first eight forms of the seitei series. Students up to 2 Dan were given a work-out by the grades 3 Dan and above, who were their tachi for the whole morning. The challenge a higher-grade tachi hopefully gave every jodoka a valuable experience, while the tachi were given the responsibility of senior grades. The demonstrations were followed by ample time to make lots of repetitions, giving the sensei the chance to take a look at everyone in turn.

After curry and the odd cheeky cake, we split into two groups for the afternoon session. The lower grades continued through seitei with Jock sensei assisted by Xandy Sahla, William Heal and Oliver Jarvis, while the higher grades tackled the lesser-spotted second half of the chudan series under Harry’s instruction. For the lower grades, this gave the chance to take in the whole of the seitei series in a single day. For the higher grades, there was a chance to receive instruction on kata that many of us do not get a regular opportunity to practise.

By the end, I trust that most of us were bursting with new points to take back to the dojo and train. It was good, focussed training rich in information, and I hope it was as enjoyable an event for everyone there as it was for me.

Greg and Lesley Drewe were greatly missed, and I am very glad Greg sensei is now recovering well.
Thanks to everyone who brought cake, and thanks again to Kenmukan for the hospitality. We left well trained and well fed.

Stojanka Vidinic.
BKA Jodo bucho.

Please see below for a downloadable version of this report complete with photos by Alain Bangard.
Jodo Kangeiko Report 2017 by Stojanka Vidinic