Dear Members,

You are warmly invited to the BKA Iaido and Jodo National Championships of 2023, this year at separate venues unfortunately, due issues sourcing venues. We apologise for the late notice of the event, however a suitable venue has now been booked and we look forward to running a successful and well attended

Please book your individual and team entries via the online booking system by the 31st of May 2023.

Iaido this year will be taking place at Gospel Oak Sports Centre, on Bilston Road, Tipton, DY4 0BZ on Saturday the 3rd of June.
The Day will consist of the Iaido Individuals followed by the Iaido Team Event. 9:00 registration for
a 09:30 start. The morning will start with the individual event with pool and knockout stages from
Mudan to Rokudan. The final event will be the team taikai with 3 players per team and a maximum
of 10 dans total per team (mudan/ikkyu counting as one dan). Please bear in mind there will be no
demonstration of how a Shiai runs prior to the competition starting so if you are unsure, make certain to ask your Sensei and other dojo members.
Full details available in the flyer below:

Jodo will be taking place at King’s Norton Boys’ School on Northfield Road, Birmingham, B30 1DY on Sunday the 4th of June.
As per previous years the day will be made up of the Individuals, the 2-player team event now with 10 dans maximum between both players (mudan/ikkyu counting as one dan), and the Asahi 3-player Taikai with 5 dans maximum between 3 players (mudan/ikkyu counting as one dan) to let up and coming Jodoka show their stuff! 9:00 registration for a 09:30 start.

Each dojo may put forward as many teams as they wish. Lunch will not be scheduled,
so please bring a packed lunch and eat when you can.

We look forward to seeing you there!