Dear Iaido Members,
Please see the new information below regarding the guidelines that will be followed for the Iaido National event, specifically dress for 5th/6th dans. Please note that the applications for the event close this week. Check the poster link below for details.
1. Guidelines for the Iaido National Championships 2017
      1. We will follow the Iaido Shiai and Shinpan rules, as set out in the ZNKR Yellow Book Revised 1996:
          However, not all rules will apply, for example: use of shinken, time keeping, full court markings.
      2. Depending on time and the number of entries, and with exception for final matches, all reiho may be off court
      3.  Any attendees who are under 18’s should get prior permission from their parent whether they are to allowed to be filmed – the event will be live-streamed
      4.  Competitors must wear zekken/nafuda and appropriate dress
      5.  Competitors should be ready, in good time for their bout
      6.  There may be safety check on Iaito
      7   Competitors are responsible for their own warm ups and be sure to practise safely at all times
      8.  Competitors should inform officials of any injury before the start of the day and if occurring during the day
      9.  Safety officers should be appointed
      10. Teams will follow the format of the EKF Competitions. A demonstration will be held before the team competition to show this format
      11. All competitors are expected to show a Budo spirit, and act with good grace and encouragement
2. Please see the table below for a list of waza that will be used up to Sandan, also included are the team event waza.
We hope this will encourage you to practice hard and show us your very best Iaido on the day. 4th – 6th dans should be ready to expect anything. 
Category (POOL) (KNOCK OUT)
1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Mudan 5 6 12 1 4 5 6 12
Shodan 5 6 12 1 4 5 6 12
Nidan 7 8 12 2 4 7 8 12
Sandan 7 8 11                  K 2 7 8 11
Team 1,5,7, 6,9,11 3,8,10
3. Dress for 5th and 6th dan seniors
The 7th dan sensei are required to wear montsuki.
The yellow rule book states that competitors do not wear montsuki but referees do. To the Japanese “referee” usually means 6th dan and above. However, it would be helpful if the 6thdans wear montsuki all day. The organisers are concerned that there may not be enough time to change between the pools/KO and refereeing and then changing back again for finals. However, if 6th dan prefer to compete in normal dou-gi then change for shinpan-duties this is also fine.
For 5th dans who have monsuki the same conditions apply as for the 6th dans. The opportunities to perform under pressure in formal wear are few and far between. So, wearing monsuki for the competition might give a rare chance to perform under pressure for their 6th dans preparations.
4. Live Streaming
The event will be live streamed, so please make sure that under 18s address point 3 above. Further details of the streaming will be put on the BKA Webpage and Facebook nearer the time.
Iaido Bucho
British Kendo Association