Event Details

Dear Kendokas,

You are invited to the London Seminar hosted by Shozo Kato Sensei, hosted by the London Kenyukai.

Date and time:
Saturday 23rd September 9:30am-15:00pm
Sunday 24th September 10:30am-16:00pm
Venue: London Kenyukai Dojo, George Green’s School, 100 Manchester Rd, London E14 3DW
Kato sensei is head instructor of Shidogakuin New York Shidokan and is one of the only four Sensei who has ever received 8th Dan from outside Japan.
This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a sensei who has passed the prestigious 8th Dan kendo exam in Japan while mainly training and teaching outside Japan.
This seminar is organised by the BKA Kendo Bu.
Early registration for the full weekend – Adult: £30/Junior: £20 (Before 31 Aug)
Early registration for one day (either Saturday or Sunday) – Adult: £20/Junior: £15 (Before 31 Aug)
Regular registration for full weekend AFTER 1st Sept – Adult: £40/Junior: £30
Regular registration for one day AFTER 1st Sept (either Saturday or Sunday) Adult: £25/Junior: £20
* Adult: 18 and above, Junior: 17 and under
Link to registration and payment: https://britishkendoassociation.com/membership/events.php
(Non-BKA members register as guest member from BKA website)
Any Queries should go to:  info@londonkendo.com