Event Details

BKA London Kendo seminar & grading

The date: 2- 3 April 2022
02/04/22 10am-5pm: seminar
03/04/22 10am -2pm: grading

Venue: Somers Town Community Sports Centre, 134 Chalton Street, London NW1 1RX

This will be the new BKA grading this year. The Kendo Bu organises this new grading to help the members around London and South who can’t travel far in Pandemic circumstances. (There will be another grading in Glasgow again in spring time for members who lives in the North).

London Seminar
led by
Jeff Humm – 7 dan kyoshi
Emiko Yoshikawa – 6 dan renshi
Young Park – 6 dan

Purpose of the seminar – to explain and demonstrate the main elements (Physical ability , Comprehension of requirements) for each level within the context of the individuals age demographic.

London Grading
: 1kyu – 4 Dan

*please follow the updated BKA event safety guidance.
** make sure to read the relevant BKA kendo grading rules and guidance.
* The online booking open via the BKA website