Dear Members,

You are warmly invited to the BKA Jodo National Championships 2022. This year held at Granville Academy in Swadlincote, approximately 30 minutes south of Derby.

The day will consist of the Jodo Individuals, the Jodo 2-person Team Event and the 3-person
Asahi Taikai.

The morning will start with the individual event with pool and knockout stages from Mudan to
Godan. This will be followed by the 2-person team event with a maximum of 7 Dans total per
team, with Mudan counting as one Dan. The event will finish with the Asahi 3-person Taikai event.
The Asahi Taikai is aimed at newer and emerging dojo, consisting of a 3-person team of 5 Dans total, with Mudan counting as one Dan, and the shiteiwaza drawn from the first 6 seiteigata.

Registration will start at 9.00 am with the taikai commencing as close to 09:30 am as possible. Lunch will not be scheduled, so please bring a packed lunch and eat when you can.

If you do not have a team, please do come along as there will be provisions for mixing and matching members of different dojo within the 7 Dan limit (and 5 Dan limit for the Asahi Taikai). Additionally if there are members in your dojo who have not taken part in a Taikai before, please encourage them to come along as the Nationals is a prime event for testing yourself under different conditions and for watching practice.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Full details can be found in the event flyer below: