The sports world has once again been rocked by the possibility of endemic drug-cheating amongst some of its top athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency is very concerned about these allegations and investigations into them are being instigated.

The British Kendo Association continues its commitment to adhering to WADA’s anti-doping message and rules as laid out in our Anti-doping Policy.

If you are in any doubt about any medications, substances or supplements you are taking, please look at the resources section of the BKA website (at the bottom of the Health & Safety section). Here you can find details on how to determine if a particular substance you are using is or is not on WADA’s prohibited list.

If you need to take a prohibited substance for therapeutic reasons, it is possible to obtain a ‘Therapeutic Use Exception’ certificate. The BKA’s anti-doping officer ( can talk you through the process of obtaining such a certificate in order to cover you should you be competing in a taikai.