2020 Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar

The All Japan Kendo Federation (ZNKR) are happy to announce that the 47th Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar hosted by All Japan Kendo Federation will be held in August 2020 (14th to 21st) at Kitamoto City, Saitama Pref., Japan

The purpose of this seminar is to foster Kendo leaders in each country, therefore we would like Kendo practitioners who are suitable for this purpose to participate in this event. The curriculum of the seminar shall help participants promote proper Kendo in their countries and give better instructions to their students after they get back to their own countries.

Qualifications of Participants:

1)Officially registered members of your organization and those who are

recommended by the President of the organisation

2) Those who are instructors presently or potential instructors in your organization.

3) Those with Kendo 3 Dan up to 6 Dan in principle

4) Those who understand Japanese or English to some extent (because the language used at the seminar is Japanese and it is interpreted into English only.)

Applicants need to apply to the BKA in the first instance through the Kendo Bucho and the International Relations Director. If you wish to be considered for this seminar, please email  kendobucho@britishkendoassociation.com and internationalaffairs@britishkendoassociation.com as soon as possible and before 9th February 2020