Vacancies for NC positions

The Treasurer and the Membership Secretary will be standing down in mid 2016. Both are important positions in the NC and we are looking to start training at least 2 people to follow on from the current officers so that the transition is smooth with minimal disruption.

Membership Secretary

The role of the membership secretary is to look after the current and future members, making sure that they can join the association and maintain their membership.

This means:

  • Processing new applications to the BKA
  • helping current members to use the systems correctly and that help is available
  • trouble shooting I.T. issues; often having to assess and diagnose potential issues with the system and fixing user errors
  • make sure dojo are compliant, and processing their renewals
  • provide statistics and financial information to the bu periodically
  • can also be involved in many other areas of the workings of the BKA having debates and occasionally voting on how to deal with issues

There is a degree of project work when trying to improve the association, often with deadlines. There are meetings several times a year to attend and you will need to present a report at the AGM.

Currently there is a reasonable amount of administration, entering paper application forms onto the system, going to the bank to pay in cheques, printing off documents, stuffing envelopes and posting them off each fortnight. However the membership officer also has a key role in developing the BKA systems and lead suitable changes to improve them.

Hours per week: Can vary between 8 to 12 hours (occasionally more in busy periods).


The treasurer is the custodian of members’ money.

The day-to-day workload is relatively light, and consists mostly of paying invoices, international settlements and expense claims via the on-line banking system, and this takes typically 2 to 3 hours per week.

You also have to set the budget for Central Services and approve the budgets for the other bu, and provide overall financial direction for the BKA. You will also have to prepare the financial statements and work with the auditors to sign off the accounts, which takes 3 to 5 days between January and March – the reason we are advertising these posts early is to ensure that we can walk the candidate(s) through the year-end process.

Finally, you will also act as the financial controller for the Central Services function. You don’t need to be an accountant, but familiarity with spreadsheets and a determination to make the numbers add up are essential.

If you are interested in training for one of these roles please contact