BKA are looking for delegates for the Brussels kendo refereeing seminar in February

The Bucho needs to know by 18th November who wishes to attend

He has a few names already but if these people could confirm their interest and availability as well by email to kendobucho@britishkendoassociation.com

The maximum number of attendees from each nation is 10, so some selection may be necessary.

To take part one must be available to referee at the 2020 EKC.

Generally one must be sixth Dan or higher to qualify for selection, but 5th Dans with experience as international competitors could also be considered.

This year all referee delegates will be considered for selection (There is no black and red grouping)

The event is conducted in dark blue blazer and grey pants with a deep maroon tie.

You must bring your own flags, a current copy of the shiai regulations and a note book.

As well as referee selection and training there are also ample opportunities to practice with the visiting Hachidans and many of the top kendo players from across Europe.

There will also be six visiting elite competitors from Japan and 24 top European competitors present.