The Kendo Bu is finalising the details for the International “Masters’” Weekend which will be on 18th/19th January 2020.

 This will be a weekend of high quality exciting kendo shiai with an international flavour in celebration of the most significant and inspiring teachers and leaders of British Kendo over the last 60 years, incorporating individual shiai and the new Dantai shiai (5 competitor teams). A feature of this event will be an individual award in the name of Geoff Salmon Sensei – Kyoshi Nanadan, inspired and supported by his family. The cup for the team competition will celebrate kendo mentors and teachers who were significant to British kendo.

 Request for all Kendo leaders, Dojo leaders and officers. If you wish to propose the commemoration of a significant or inspiring mentor or teacher who was active in British kendo, but has now passed away, by having their name inscribed on the Masters’ cup please supply a recommendation for this person with a statement/citation outlining the impact this Kenshi had on the wider kendo community, your dojo, your kendo and in your life/lives. Please send your suggestion to