Open and Ikkyu Grading

On Sunday 2nd October Tsubaki dojo will be hosting an Open and Ikkyu grading.

The aim is to make this an annual event with particular emphasis on Juniors. So the Open grading will allow juniors between 9 and 11 to take a grade.

It is also hoped to get as many juniors 12 and over to grade together for Ikkyu.

Although the emphasis is on Juniors, both Open and Ikkyu gradings are open to any BKA member so any age 9 and above will be eligible to participate.

The panel for both Open and Ikkyu grading will be headed by Howell sensei, 7th dan Kyoshi

The Ikkyu grading will be conducted under normal BKA rules. Booking will be done online, in normal way.

The procedure for the Open Grading, both how to enter and what the grading will consist off, is here Tsubaki open grading format_FINAL.

The Open grading will be free to enter but a small charge of £3 for the menjo will be made to cover printing costs. Any excess money above printing costs will be paid into BKA.

The venue will be

Westcroft Leisure Centre
Westcroft Road

Registration will be 12.30hrs