The Nenriki Dojo celebrates the Fiftieth Anniversary of its establishment in 1966 with an afternoon of Kendo for all BKA members on Saturday 12 March 2016 between 1300hrs and 1700 hrs at the Sports Hall of the London South Bank University Academy of Sport, 100-116 London Road, SE1 6LN – corner of London Road and Thomas Doyle Street, followed by a Welcome Party in The Rising Sun, 98 Harper Road, SE1 6AQ.

The event will be attended by Shintaro Osaki, our first Kendo teacher, who was resident while studying at the South Bank University (then the Borough Polytechnic) from Spring 1966 to Spring 1968. Other teachers of the Nenriki through the ages will also be attending.

It is hoped and expected that among the many past and present members who will attend will be a number who were taught by Shintaro Osaki and who have since become prominent Kendoka in the Association.

A limited number of local hotel rooms will be provided for long-serving members who travel from afar with precedence accorded to those who knew Shintaro Osaki in the old days. For our catering planning needs for the buffet party in the Rising Sun rising sun please indicate if you will attend the Anniversary Meeting by e-mailing to .

The programme will include:

1. A brief verbal explanation of the meaning of ‘Nenriki’.
2. An exposition of the three-part cut – preparation, execution, and recovery ( Nenriki – Fusho – Zanshin)
3. kihon – kakari-geiko, kirikaeshi, jigeiko
4. Mohan-geiko with Shintaro Osaki
5. Nihon Kendo kata.
6. A little Ono-Ha Itto ryu


7. Free jigeiko
8. Some reminiscences with Shintaro Osaki and a message from Dr. Ito.
9. Group photographs
10. Presentations of celebratory tenugui to all.
11. To drink to the health of the Nenriki dojo and the British Kendo Association
12. There will also be an exhibition of photographs of Nenriki members through the ages.

We look forward to seeing you.