We’d like your advice. What can the Iaido bu do to improve the teaching at and value of our seminars? Does your sensei/dojo have a novel, useful and enjoyable way of teaching Iaido that you think would translate into a seminar situation? Are there specific technical (or other) issues you would want to see focused on? Although the regional seminars are traditionally meant to have a ZNKR focus for gradings, is this working for you and if not what would you like us to consider trying?
For example, having a teacher wear track suit bottoms or even shorts would allow us to see exactly what’s going on with the feet, knees and hips in difficult kata.  Perhaps having the attendees in track suit bottoms/shorts would allow the teachers to see where we might be making errors.
Small group teaching (6-8 people) with mixed-grade groups for intensive 15 minute bursts before moving to another teacher. These sessions could be themed so we experience several teacher’s interpretation or points of emphasis for a particular kata this enriching our learning.

Please send your ideas, however major or minor, to the Events Officer, Anil Sahal, (anil777sahal@hotmail.com) who will collate them and pass them onto the bucho for consideration and possible implementation. Together we can make a positive difference.