Kendo Bu Statement – December

Fellow Kendoka

I hope you are well and keen to get back to training after the lockdown…

  1. In England the new ‘tiered’ system comes into force on 3rd December. All but 1% of the population are in Tier 2 (High) or Tier 3 (Very High) restrictions. In general terms this means that our detailed guidelines apply only for those in `Tier 1.

In tier 1 areas: organised indoor kendo technical training can only take place in groups of up to 6 people (or larger groups if all from the same household or support bubble). Training can take place with larger numbers present, provided that participants are in separate groups of up to 6 people which do not mix with other groups. PPE should be used and spacing between participants should exceed 1m at all times. Review Training plans and follow Bu/Association Guidelines.

In tier 2 areas: organised indoor kendo technical training can only take place where there is no mixing between households. This means that people from the same household or support bubble can take part together. Individuals or separate households (or support bubbles) can participate in kendo training if they can stay separate and distinct from those from other households and avoid physical contact and proximity (2m minimum whether deliberate or inadvertent). Paired training is not permitted. Be sure to maintain social distancing at all times and consider reducing participant numbers. Review and replace training plans.

In tier 3 areas: people should not take part in any indoor kendo training with people from outside their household. This includes all indoor training sessions and exercise classes. Personal training is permitted for 1:1 sessions only, but should not take place in private houses. Gyms and sport facilities will be open, but group activities are not permitted unless the group consists of a single household or bubble. No indoor group training is allowed

  1. The kendo Bu will keep the membership fees the same for next year. Our membership and renewals are considerably reduced, and we may be called on to support the NCs ongoing and unchanged financial commitments. It is essential that we remain viable as an association and Bu and have the resources to recover after the COVID 19 pandemic has passed. Members in financial difficulty could seek advice on a reduced payment that will keep their grading clock and membership live.
  2. We remain committed to providing high quality events once we are able to restart the calendar. The venue for next year’s international in August is booked and as far as we are aware can go ahead as planned. We’ll seek clarification of this in the new year

Be aware that there are up to date notes and an FAQ section on COVID 19 related restrictions in the Members’ Document Library, as well as detailed guidelines and advice to explain the specific rules and limitations in all 4 nations of the UK.

The Kendo Bu asks that all groups and members take account of the new Tier categories/restriction and continue to comply with national and local government regulations and guidelines so as not to break the law or violate our insurance policy commitments.

John O’Sullivan Kyoshi Nanadan, Gary O’Donnell Kyoshi Nanadan, Young Park Sensei, Ben Emberley