Dear Jodo members,

Please note the revised programme for the Spring seminar:


Seitei Jodo


Seitei grading practice
Koryu Jodo

09:45 Registration

10:00 Seminar starts

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Seminar

17:00 End


09:00 Registration

09:15 Seminar starts

12:00 End of seminar – Move to iaido venue,     Comberton

13:00 Grading registration

13:30 Iaido grading starts, followed by    the    jodo grading

16:00 Event closes



If your last grading was at a Spring seminar and you are grading at this year Spring Seminar:

The grading online booking system will not allow you to book your grading application.

This is due to the seminar date being put forward on the calendar. However the EKF allows a period of 30 days for grading clock.

Please register your grading by emailing the grading officer Daniel Silk . Your application will be registered manually.

Please pay your application cash or by cheque (Made payable to “BKA Account number 22097982) on the day of the grading.