Dear members,

Once again the Iaidobu would like to invite you to the Scottish IT session to be held near Edinburgh.
This event is open to all BKA Iaido bu members and hope that you can all attend. Please arrive at
11:00 for a prompt promt start.
Training will be led by John Burn Sensei, Rokudan.
Martin Clark Sensei sends his apologies, as he is unable to attend that weekend.

Additionally for a future event:

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming Intensive training event for June month, making an
effort to space these out between the existing BKA seminars and other events where possible and
hope that everyone can attend. As you know the Squad Training Sessions (STS) are open to all BKA
Iaido-bu members. This will be held at the Woodrush Community Hub in Wythall from 10am to 4pm.
The session will be led by the Squad coach (Martin Clark Sensei, Renshi Rokudan).

Please keep an eye out on the BKA website for the event flyer and online booking set up for the
sessions. Hope to see you there.

Kind regards,
Colin Porter
Iaido Squad Manager

Full details available in the flyers below: