Dear Iaidobu members,
On behalf of the British Kendo Association Iaidobu, I would like to invite you to the first Iaido Intensive training session of 2019.
The session will be led by the UK squad coach Greg Drew sensei (Renshi Rokudan) with Hugh Darby sensei (Renshi Rokudan) attending the session as guest teacher.
This will be the first of several IT sessions throughout 2019 leading up to the European Championships in Athens. While there will be some general teaching of seitei, the main focus will be on improving individual performance and effectively handling the pressure of performing in competition/grading.
Full details such as location and times are available in the event flyer below:
Scottish Iaido Intensive Training 2019 (PDF)
Kind regards,
Kevin McNeill
BKA Iaido Squad Manager