Dear Members

Firstly I would like to thank all those who have attended the years IT sessions, National championships and other seminars. It was a great pleasure to witness the hard work and dedication that each iaidoka demonstrated.

After a lot of discussion and some difficult decisions being made the bucho, squad coach and myself have selected the squad for the upcoming European Iaido Championships in Athens.

Mudan – Zim Ruiz

Shodan and team – Ken Gilkison

Nidan – Rafal Radosz
Nidan – David Griffiths

Sandan – Ed Marshall
Sandan – Darren Waghorne
Sandan (team reserve) – Deborah Palari

Yondan and team – Kristina Silk
Yondan – Sophie Townson

Godan and team – Daniel Silk
Godan – David Parker

Rokudan – Harry Jones
Rokudan – Martin Clark

To those of you who were not selected, please do not be too disheartened. The selection process was gruelling and made all the more difficult by the quality of the potential members we had to choose from.

Kevin McNeill

Iaido squad manager