Dear members,

The Iaidobu would like to invite you to the Cambridge IT session to be held in Linton Village. I must
apologise for the lateness of this post but for future event confirmation times can be reduced.
We are pleased to announce the planned Intensive training events for future 2023 making an effort
to space these out between the existing BKA seminars and other events where possible and hope
that everyone will make an effort to attend. As you know the Squad Training Sessions (STS) are open
to all BKA Iaido-bu members.

All sessions will be led by the Squad coach (Martin Clark Sensei, Renshi Rokudan)
– 01/04/23 Cambridge
– 29/04/23 Newcastle upon Tyne (TBC)
– 13/05/23 Scotland (TBC)
– 17/06/23 Birmingham

Please keep an eye out on the BKA website, as I plan to have the event flyer and online booking set
up for the Cambridge session this week.
We also hope to hold a couple of joint Iaido and Jodo IT sessions at some time later on in the year.
(to be arranged).

Kind regards,
Colin Porter
Iaido Squad Manager