Dear Members,

You are warmly invited to the BKA Iaido and Jodo National Championships 2019, this year held on the 13th and 14th of April at Charnwood College in Loughborough.

Saturday the 13th will consist of the Iaido Individuals followed by the Iaido Team Event.
Sunday the 14th will consist of the Jodo Individuals, the Jodo 2-person Team Event and the 3-person Asahi Taikai.

Newer members and members that have not experienced taikai before are encouraged to take part, please do come along!
Both days will be bookable via the online system shortly, please have all entries completed by 8th April 2019. Even if your dojo cannot field a full team at an event, it is possible to create a combination team (where possible) on the day.

Further details available below:
Iaido and Jodo Nationals 2019 (PDF)

Iaido Nationals Application Form (DOCX)

Jodo Nationals Application Form (DOCX)