Dear EKF Member Federations,

Dear Friends,

we just have a very nice remarkable time together in Belgrade during EKC 2019. We have to thank Serbia Kendo federation for their big effort to make it a very big success. THANK YOU ALL for hospitality and all your work has done.

Now, I want to remind you about the next upcoming event.
Please find attached the announcement of HIGH LEVEL KENDO SEMINAR (followed by Kendo grading up to 7th Dan) form July 26 to 28 – 2019 and please forward it to the clubs and kenshi of your federation.

DKenB_HLKS_2019 en_final

We, German Kendo Federation as host country member of this EKF event looking forward to meet you all in Berlin.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Detlef Viebranz

Präsident DKenB