Dear Presidents, dear EKF Member Federations, dear Kendoka,
The EKF, together with DKenB, will organise a high level kendo seminar with a possibility to have 6th and 7th Dan Kendo exam in Deggendorf, Germany, on 14-16 October 2016.
There will also a dan examination of 1st – 5th dan, organised by the DKenB.

The seminar will take place in Deggendorf, which is located in Bavaria, close to Regensburg and Passau. Closest international Airport is Munich, from where there is about two hour travelling time to Deggendorf.

The seminar will start of Firday evening 14 October, at 19.30 with first practice and keiko.
Saturday 15 October is a full seminar day, detailed program will be confirmed later.
On Sunday 16 October, the seminar will continue in the morning, and the dan examination is scheduled after lunch, starting at 14.00.

Changes to the timetables are possible. It is possible to come to the exam only, in which case arrival on Sunday morning is highly recommended. The exam will take the time needed, normally at least two hours, so too early departure is not recommended. Travelling times and times needed at the airport should be taken into account.

The seminar will be conducted byan official ZNKR Delegation composed by Mr, Michio Ujiie sensei, kendo 8th dan hanshi, from Tokyo (born in 1951)
and Mr. Shinobu Kiyono sensei, kendo 8th dan kyoshi from Yamanashi Prefecture (born in 1965)

The venue of the seminar is Schulzentrum Robert Koch
Eggerstrasse 30
94469 Deggendorf

Details of the seminar and inscription link will be provided by the DKenB in due course.

The DKenB will also receive registrations to the 1st – 5th Dan Examination. All foreign candidates must have a written permission from their national federation to participate in this exam.

Registration to the 6th and 7th Dan Kendo exam is made by EKF webiste. The registration will be opened soon, please check after first week of September. The registration deadline is 2nd October 2016, which is also the deadline for payment of inscription fees on the EKF Bank Account. Registrations are done by the national federation administrators, no extra written permission is required.
Please distribute the information in your federations to all interested kendoka.

All the best for the upcoming kendo season!

Pekka Nurminen