Some of you may already be aware that there has been a change in management of the GB Kendo Team.

First of all, we would like give our thanks for the great efforts of Malcolm Goodwin and Sean Starr. They unstinting hard work and passion over the years is greatly appreciated by all at the BKA and GB Team members in particular.

We are also very pleased to announce that Yasuyuki Hiyama (7-dan) is the new GB Team Coach and Nigel Collins (4-dan) is the new GB Team Manager.

They are both already in place and working with the GB Team in preparation for the 5-Nations and European Championships early next year.

Upcoming dates for GB training: 24th/25th October and 21st/22nd November. Location: Q3 Academy, Wilderness Lane, Birmingham, B43 7SD.

If anyone is interested in attending GB training or would like to know more, please email Nigel Collins (