DCMS approved phased return to training (Kendo & Jodo) April 2021 and Iaido phases (does not need DCMS approval). These plans have been updated to accommodate the new “Steps” re revised government structures.

This is an update on the latest status of our ability to train under Coronavirus restrictions and how the government’s new approach of “Steps” will affect us.

The BKA’s Action Plans for Kendo and Jodo in respect of England have now been approved by the DCMS. These documents, and the Iaido action plan, can be found on these links:

Chairman’s letter:

Bu Action Plans

These are the documents which must guide us to a return to training. Please remember that combat/contact martial Arts (Kendo & Jodo) are not general “exercise” and they have extra restrictions which are accommodated in the documents approved by the DCMS and now lodged with Sport England.

Indeed, all members and other practitioners of the arts must follow the advice contained within these documents in order to fall within the ‘organised sports’ exceptions in the current covid regulations.

I most strongly recommend that you read each one applicable to your Art and await your BuECs advice on the Phases allowed by DCMS.

Members can find explanations of the steps regulations and a table of how these fit with the Phases of the DCMS Framework, in the Members Documents Area. Look for “Steps & DCMS Phases for England April 2021”.

The guidance for Scotland is awaiting input by the BuECs.

These documents represent a tremendous amount of work (research, typing, liaison and rational thinking etc) and I should like to thank the Bu officers for their hard work in formulating these plans, especially Stojanka Vidinic, Gary O’Donnell, Will Heal and Amanda Allen.