British Kendo Open Championship and Notice of Kendo Bu EGM (rearranged AGM)

The event will take place at Q3 Academy on 12th December 2015

Wilderness Lane
Great Barr
West Midlands
B43 7SD

During the lunch a brief Kendo Bu EGM will be held at 1.0 pm to vote on items initially offered at the AGM in July:

Kendo Bu EC: Bucho: John O’Sullivan, Grading Officer: John Gale ,Events Officer: Stephen Martin
1) Accounts for 2014/15
2) Budget and fees for 2016
3) Election of Bu Officers (Bucho, Events, Grading)
4) AOB

Competition Programme – Open Championship

Registration 9.30
Keiko at 10.00
Competition start at 11.00.

1. Ladies Open Championship event (all grades, but must be under 18 years on the day, 12/12/2015)
2. Junior Open Championshipt ages 14 to under 18 (on the day 12/12/2015)
3. Mens Open Championship (all grades, but must be under 18 years on the day, 12/12/2015)

The Ladies event will commence at 10:00 followed by the Juniors. The Mens Open Championship will take place after lunch at approximately 13:00.

Registration for BKA must be via the BKA electronic booking service ( before 7th December so that the draw can be taken in good time. Entry fees are £10 for Ladies Open and Men’s Open and £5 for Junior Opens. You may only enter one competition.

Squad and squad potential members should be aware that this event takes place on a designated squad training day. Both BKA Squad Manager and Trainer will be in attendance and will critically appraise performance of all fighters on the day since they must select the squad in December.