Dear Iaidoka,

The Iaido Bu is delighted to invite you to the BKA Iaido summer seminar to be held at Cambridge University Sports Centre from Friday 23rd of August to Sunday 25th of August 2024.
Gradings will be to 5th Dan, held on the 25th of August.

The Iaido Seminar will be led by the delegation from the ZNKR:
YAMAZAKI Akimasa, Iaido Hanshi 8th Dan
ISHIDA Sumio, Iaido Hanshi 8th Dan

Assisted by:
Chris Mansfield, Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan
Fay Goodman, Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan
Mario Menegatti, Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan
Harry Jones, Iaido Renshi 7th Dan

The event is available to book now via the online system, full details such as accommodation, travel and prices are available via the flyer below:

Phil Henderson, Iaido Bucho