Dear Members

AGM 8th July 2017
Nominations for elected officer roles
There is an issue with the BKA Secretary’s email address. If anyone has sent a nomination in, please resend to the Vice Chair’s email address: copied to
You will receive an acknowledgement email within 2 days. 
The deadline for new and resubmitted nominations is 25 May 2017.
The nomination form template is available in the ‘Resources’ section of the BKA website
Positions open for nominations:
• Iaido Dojo Representatives Chair
• Jodo Dojo Representatives Chair
• Kendo Dojo Representatives Chair
• Secretary

• Kendo Bucho
• Kendo Events Officer
• Kendo Grading Officer
• Iaido Grading Officer
• Iaido Events Officer

The Dojo Representatives Chair elections will be held during the relevant DRC meeting. The election for NC Secretary will take place during the NC AGM. The Bu Officer elections will take place during the relevant Bu AGM.

AGM information – the relevant section on the BKA website ; is being updated regularly.
Debbie Bevan
BKA Vice Chair