Elected Officer Nominees

The following BKA members have been nominated for the posts indicated.

Kendo Bucho – John O’Sullivan
Kendo Events Officer – Stephen Martin
Iai Grading Officer – Phil Henderson
Iai DRC Chair – Chris Buxton
Jodo DRC Chair – Dave Fanning
Director of International Affairs- Chris Mansfield

AGM Practice Halls

Please note that there we have three large halls with lovely floors, booked all day for Kendo, Jodo and Iaido practice, so everyone can train as they like, attend meetings, vote and have their say and then enjoy the previously mentioned sumptuous lunch before the afternoon’s training.  Lillieshall National Sports Centre is set in beautiful grounds with ponds, woods and parkland for you to enjoy, too and you may bump into an Olympic Champion training there too!  Please come along and support your association.