The registration deadline for the BKA grading (1st kyu – 5th dan) at International summer seminar in Guildford is by this weekend, 16th July.

No late registrations will be accepted. Also, those who (believe) have already registered for both the seminar and the grading, please make sure to double-check whether you are registered for the grading too. There have been cases that the members only registered/paid for the seminar and show-up for the grading by mistake. Regrettably, these cases won’t be accepted on the day.

As you should understand, the grading is one of the most formal parts of the kendo. Therefore, the registration/exam rules are quite strictly applied to avoid any controversial issues. All candidates MUST register by themselves on the system via the BKA booking site before the deadline and any failures or errors are their own responsibility.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Be prepared well and good luck on your grading

Young Park / Kendo grading officer

British Kendo Association