Dear Iaidoka and Jodoka,

We would like to invite you to the Iaido and Jodo Summer Seminar 2019.
This event will be held at University of Cambridge Sports Centre between the 1st of August and 6th of August 2019. A grading will be held for Jodo on the 3rd of August and on the 6th of August for Iaido.

The Jodo seminar this year will be led by Shoji Keiichi-sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan) from Japan, Louis Vitalis-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) from Netherlands and Jock Hopson-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) from UK.

The Iaido seminar will be led by Matsuoka Yoshitaka-sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan), Kinomoto Miyuki-sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan), Shoji Keiichi-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) from Japan, and Jock Hopson-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan), Vic Cook-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan), Peter West-sensei (Kyoshi 7th dan) and Andy Watson-sensei (Renshi 7th dan) from UK.

Full details including accommodation, directions to the venue, prices and grading information are available in the flyer below:
BKA Iaido & Jodo Summer Seminar 2019 (PDF)

We look forward to seeing you all at this event!
William Heal, Iaido bucho & Stojanka Vidinic, Jodo bucho.