Dear Jodobu members,

Attached below is the jodobu calendar for 2018:
Jodo Calendar 2018 (PDF)

Please note that not all venues are confirmed just yet, but Mark Thurman, our event officer, is actively looking at suitable halls. All updates will be posted as bookings are secured. The Darlington seminar will be confirmed around June 2018.
Confirmed so far:
– Kangeiko
– Spring seminar
– Jinmukan and Kenmukan Anniversary Celebration Seminar. This event will replace the West Midlands seminar for 2018 only.
– Summer seminar

Unfortunately the Iaidobu does not wish to share a venue with us for the Spring seminar. We have booked the University of Cambridge for the Jodo Spring seminar and will be travelling to Comberton (the Iaido venue) for the Sunday afternoon grading.
I am also very sad to announce that the Summer seminar will also be split for the first time with the Iaido seminar being held over a different weekend.

More IT session are also planned for next year and will be announced at a later date.

We look forward to see you in 2018.

Best regards,
Stojanka Vidinic.
BKA Jodo bucho