Chair: Fay Goodman
Teaches at Masamune Dojo two venues – Yardley and Birmingham University
Art and Grade: Iaido 7h Dan Kyoshi, Jodo 5th Dan
Outside Budo: Author and Creator of The Conies – children’s road safety and personal safety; Film Director/Producer/Composer
BKA member since 19?? Dedicated to spreading the positive side of budo.

Vice Chair: Debbie Bevan
Assistant teacher at Hagakure Dojo
Art and Grade: Iaido 4th Dan, Kendo 1st Dan
Outside Budo: Photographer

Director of International Affairs: Chris Mansfield
Teaches at Seishinkan Dojo in London
Art and Grade: Iaido 7th Dan, Jodo 7th Dan, Kendo 5th Dan
Outside Budo: Buddhist
BKA member since 1976/7

Treasurer: Anna Stone

Membership Secretary: Fides