Guidelines for the Opening and Registration of BKA Clubs

The following are the guidelines for the opening and registering of all BKA clubs in Kendo, Iaido & Jodo and must be followed in order to qualify for PI insurance, full BKA approval and official recognition, including a listing on the club directory.

  1. That the dojo leader is a fully paid up BKA member and has been so for one full calendar year i.e. from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.
  2. That the Dojo leader has the minimum grade of 1st Dan in the relevant discipline and is BKA, EKF or IKF registere.
  3. That the Dojo leader and a minimum of one other BKA registered club member have the minimum coaching qualifications of BKA Club Coach Level 1.
  4. That there is a registered first aider in the club, or if in a sports facilities then duly qualified members of staff. Certification will be required in either case as confirmation of compliance.
  5. That the BKA Health & Safety procedures are accepted and applied in full.
  6. That if applicable, a CRB document of disclosure should be provided for the club/dojo from January 2008, or a written undertaking has been given for the document to be in place by no later than Jan 2009.

Final approval will always be at the discretion of the BKA Executive committee.
All clubs will need to be fully compliant.

These guidelines came into force on 1st January 2008 and supersede any previously published guidelines.

If you think you are going to have a problem complying with any of these guideline and if you have members within your dojo/club who qualify for recognition as coaches through prior accreditation, for example by virtue of external qualification or by established experience, please contact your relevant Bucho (faculty head) as soon as possible, so that they can advise and assist in the processes.

Please also refer to the coaching section under Resources for information that is relevant to these guidelines.

Last revised: 1st January 2008