Event Details

BKA Kendokas,

On the 28th to 30th August, the 34th Kodokan Kendo Seminar will be taking place, lead by Masatake Sumi Sensei, Hanshi 8th dan.

He will be assisted by: Junichi Tashiro Sensei, Kyoshi 8th dan, Morio Kumamoto Sensei, Kyoshi 7th dan, Paul Budden Sensei, Kyoshi 7th dan, Kazuyo Matsuda Sensei, Renshi 7th dan, Norio Kojiro 6th dan (& tea master), Mizuochi Mitsuteru 6th dan and Haruo Watanabe 6th dan,

For more details, please visit www.kodokankendo.org

Application forms can be found here: https://forms.gle/nsqyhGNTGeJaMLGL8

For any enquiries, please email info@kodokankendo.org